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From the Metropolitan Museum's Photography Gallery

I recently paid a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's  Gallery of Modern Photography. My curiosity led me to three frames arranged side by side displaying solid pastel backgrounds. In the corner of each "Image" ,very small was a black mark or smudge, which on closer examination turned out to be tiny figures.  According to the wall explanation the artist appropriated figures of a deep sea diver, a falling figure and an astronaut falling through space, which  represented dreams where people see themselves free falling.

I will not comment on the subject matter, however I would like the photography curator to explain to me how this art qualifies as a photograph.  What photographic standards does this venerable institution use in order to place this in a photography gallery. It appears that the Met. like some other museums has decided that photography cannot make it alone and must become the handmaiden to other art forms. The Photo- Secession movement with Alfred Stieglitz at its leader tried at the beginning of the 20th century to merge photography and art. At least the movements painterly pictorialism was made with a camera on photographic paper which is more than I can say about  the three figures falling through space.