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Which Way Photography

Which Way Photography?

Recently I visited the new I.C.P. museum. I assumed that this temple of traditional  photography would take on some of the trappings of the latest trend in photography i.e. large size prints, the blurring distinction between art forms, the need to explain all images with lengthy interpretations etc. What I discovered was?

"Two stock-brokers waiting for the subway to Wall Street." =========== Photo Bill Perlmutter 2016 (never exhibited)        

Below image on display at the International Center for Photography.

This caption reads" The figure in "Rigged1" is a high- definition CGI marvel: beautiful and weightless, an idealized amalgamation of glossed advertisement and high-end avatar. But what if the anonymous female character needed more than to be desired,more than to be than flawless digital image to be consumed. Her anguished inner monologue reveals the anxiety, alienation, and fear that come with agency and self awareness. -------------Got That -------- Wait---------------The Photographer is Kate cooper 2014  the 4 legs on the left belong to me (funhouse mirror?) the other pair of legs belong to my friend Marty F.

Please write and tell me how you see this trend.

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